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Kerry McGowan
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Strength and Depth

The best HR directors have a top-down, bottom-up view of how their organisation operates. They can explain the roles of everyone from the data analytics apprentice to the chief marketing officer. They have a comprehensive understanding of all the rules and regulations that the company must adhere to - they most likely drafted them from the latest government legislation. If you are missing these kind of skills from your board, now is the time to get in touch especially in the current economic climate.

You can be reassured that our team of Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD) have vast years of experience across private, public and third sectors. Our professionals have worked at a senior level in start-up operations, fast growth and large plc environments, so understand the way organisations work and can see the big picture. Experienced internationally, working in trade union environments and specialisms such as Kaizen continuous improvement make our team of HRD's stand out.

Supporting organisations with cost savings, adding value and oversight of staffing overheads and people metrics enables organisations to balance their people resources with other aspects of running a successful operation.

Our team consists of the highest calibre HR directors who can deliver quantifiable results for our clients irrespective of industry or sector.

Please feel free to contact us to speak to a HR director in your area (or a HR director that has the skills that closely match those that are required in your industry) from our portfolio of national HR directors.


Executive Coaching & Development

We recognise that external executive coaching for a board member can be beneficial not only for the individual but also for the board as a whole.

We have found that executive coaching provides a real advantage in addressing the development needs of senior individuals, from newly promoted Chief Executives to long standing board members. For a whole range of business and personal reasons, executive coaching will provide a positive opportunity for senior leaders to work through solutions in a safe environment.

Supporting board members to set personal goals and meet identified personal and professional development objectives (with external assistance) allows senior professionals time and space in a confidential setting to develop or broaden their leadership skills further.

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